The 3D Chirp is a surface-towed sub-bottom profiling system capable of producing 3D seismic volumes of the upper tens of metres of sediment and imaging buried structures and objects with 3D decimetric resolution.


➢ Marine Archaeology

➢ Pre-Construction and Avoidance Analysis

➢ Post-Construction Depth of Burial

➢ Unexploded Ordnance Detections and Analysis

➢ High Resolution Stratigraphy



➢ Wide bandwidth source 1.5kHz to 13.0kHz

➢ 12.5cm or 25cm resolution

➢ Tens of meters of sub-bottom penetration

➢ SEGY data output

➢ True 3D geometrically corrected target imaging

Data Examples


Learn how the 3D Chirp is used during a UXO survey to reveal the true target shape of a buried object.

Geological Imaging

Learn how the 3D chirp is used for imaging geological structure with a penetration up to tens of metres.


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