Consultancy & Data Processing

SAND Geophysics specialise in marine high-resolution shallow geophysical techniques. Our core personnel have extensive academic and industry experience in providing both off the shelf and bespoke project solutions, specialising in high-resolution seismic and unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection.

SAND can provide consultancy assistance at any stage of a project from assisting with survey planning and specifications, preparation and/or review of tenders through to data review, quality control, data integration and presentation of results.

SAND can provide contract geophysical data processing, interpretation and presentation solutions for a wide range of data sets including: potential fields (Magnetometer/Gradiometer), sidescan sonar, seismic, bathymetric (including backscatter) and acoustic ground discrimination systems.

Alongside bespoke in-house software SAND utilise a wide range of industry standard systems including Geosoft Oasis Montaj, CODA, Kingdom, PROmax, SonarWiz, QINSy, RadExPro, GeoSuite, Petrel, ESRI and many more ensuring we can handle any datasets.

SAND understand that the most important aspect of and data is ensuring that the results are accessible by and understandable to the end user, be that engineers, designers, environmentalists or other stakeholders. SAND can integrate data from multiple systems or surveys and provide results in a range of formats from paper charts and reports to interactive 3D models and web-based databases making your data more accessible than ever before.

Please contact us with your project requirements for more details.