SAND Geophysics launches new high-resolution seismic inversion service

Following a number of successful trial projects, SAND’s robust processing system is now available for all clients interested in the quantitative characterisation of the marine near surface using geophysical data.

Based on over a decade of research and development by SAND co-founder Dr Mark Vardy, SAND’s in-house QSI software can provide estimates of bulk (e.g., density, porosity) and geotechnical properties (e.g., undrained shear strength) using a variety of different seismic sources (pinger, chirp, boomer, sparker and airgun).

By utilising cloud computing capabilities, SAND can offer a cost-effective yet highly scalable solution.

“This process can greatly enhance the understanding of a site providing valuable information to engineers, designers, planners and insurers thereby lowering the risk profile of future operations or construction” explained Richard Hamilton of SAND “our trials have shown the process to be highly reliable, with multiple applications to both early and late phases of a project cycle.”

Check out our flyer to find out more For further details please contact; SAND will also be exhibiting at OI 2018 13th – 15th March at the Excel centre, London so feel free to stop by for more information or get in touch to arrange a meeting.

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