converted_comp_SB UC-70_N-S_Z1

SM UC-70

SM UC-70 was a UCII coastal minelaying submarine in the German Imperial Navy, sunk by depth charges, a short distance from the coast from North Yorkshire.  The site is designated under the protection of wrecks act 1973 by Historic England. SAND Geophysics Ltd in collaboration with NORBIT Subsea and Marshall Jakeman Marine were recently granted an exemption to conduct survey operations over the site utilising a high resolution multibeam echosounder.

We are excited to be able to share the high resolution multibeam imagery of this wreck, as promised in our previous company update. This data was collected using a NORBIT iWBMS Narrow Transmit turn-key High Resolution Multibeam system mounted aboard the newly converted survey vessel, Marshall Art


Follow our LinkedIn and website news page for more details, there’s more to come so keep an eye out for the next wrecks!

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