Research and Development

SANDs personnel have extensive experience in undertaking research and development projects taking projects to the highest peer reviewed academic level to ensure full confidence in results while developing commercially viable solutions.

Dr Mark Vardy has developed a range of novel high-resolution marine acquisition and processing methodologies. He was a co-developer of the first commercial decimetre-resolution 3D seismic system (3D CHIRP), has developed and written numerous seismic processing algorithms (e.g., frequency-approximated Kirchhoff imaging), and is currently leading a cross industry/academia project to improve the integration of shallow-water geophysical, geological and geotechnical data through the inversion of high-resolution seismic data within a machine learning framework.

Mark has recently developed an in-house QSI software based on over a decade of research and development able to provide estimates of bulk (e.g., density, porosity) and geotechnical properties (e.g., undrained shear strength) using a variety of different seismic sources (pinger, chirp, boomer, sparker and airgun). Find more information here

Dr Luke Pinson has developed ground breaking new seismic techniques which have been peer reviewed to the highest level and worked on the commercial development of AUVs for work in the Oil and Gas sector.

Richard Hamilton specialises in the implementation of new technologies he has lead the development of new industry standard UXO survey methods and the implementation of new shallow seismic technologies.

Please contact us if you have a research project SAND can help with.