SAND Geophysics

Sub-bottom imaging

SAND provides high resolution sub-bottom profiling for a variety of applications, with tailored bespoke solutions utilising the optimal chirp, parametric or pinger systems to achieve individual project objectives.

Surveying services

Sub-bottom profiling

SAND is highly experienced in sub-bottom profiling, with industry standard techniques. Using 2D and 3D chirp systems, pingers and parametric sub-bottom profilers.

Generic industry standard analysis often fails to get the most out of the data. With SAND’s advanced QSI processing suite the potential of each dataset is maximised for a greater understanding of the subsurface.

This can be applied to datasets to benefit a range of industries, with applications including sediment profiling and volume calculations, subsurface geology and cable depth of burial.

SBP applications

  • Sediment profiling
  • Depth of burial
  • Sediment volume calculations
  • Subsurface geology

Processing steps

  • Swell filtering
  • Q-compensation

Helping projects globally

services for your project?​

Specialising in ultra-high resolution seismic SAND can provide tailored survey solutions for any marine geophysical projects. Alternatively working with our industry partners, we can provide a complete survey package. Contact us with your project requirements for more details.