SAND Geophysics

Multi-channel ultra-high Resolution Seismics

SAND can offer bespoke multi-channel ultra-high resolution surveys, providing experienced staff for acquisition, processing and interpretation.

Imaging the Sub-bottom

SAND can utilise a range of seismic sources including, mini air guns, sparkers, boomers and bubble gun with the latest cutting-edge multiple channel streamers to acquire data in the upper few hundred metres of stratigraphy with sub-metre horizontal and vertical resolution.

SAND can undertake project planning, data acquisition, data processing, interpretation and data presentation. As well as, providing a turnkey complete solution from project planning to generating a ground model of the sub-surface.


• Geohazards
• Stratigraphy


• Filtering
• Geometry application
• Multiple suppression
• Ghost suppression
• Q-factor compensation
• Pre and post stack depth migration
Seismic inversion

Helping projects globally

services for your project?

Specialising in ultra-high resolution seismic SAND can provide tailored survey solutions for any marine geophysical projects. Alternatively working with our industry partners, we can provide a complete survey package. Contact us with your project requirements for more details.