Sand Geophysics

Data Processing

SAND can provide data processing and re-processing to achieve the maximum potential from your dataset.

Data Processing Services

SAND is highly experienced in undertaking custom processing techniques by working with challenging datasets and sites to maximise the potential of geophysical data. To achieve this, SAND utilise a range of industry standard and bespoke in-house software. All data and deliverables can be provided in standard formats for utilisation by the project team.

Previous projects have included re-processing seismic profiles to increase resolution at depth and analysis of multi-beam echo sounder data to identify issues within the data and provide solutions.

Datasets we can handle

  • Sub-bottom profiler
  • Single-channel seismics
  • Multi-channel seismics
  • Seismic refraction
  • Side-scan sonar
  • Magnetometer
  • Gradiometer
  • MBES
  • GIS data analysis
  • Drone Magnetometer
  • Drone photogrammetry

And many others, contact us to find out what we can do for you.

SAND understand that the most important aspect of data handling is ensuring that the results are accessible by and understandable to the end user, be that engineers, designers, environmentalists or other stakeholders.

SAND can integrate data from multiple systems or surveys and provide results in a range of formats from paper charts and reports to interactive 3D models and web-based databases making your data more accessible than ever before.

Helping projects globally

services for your project?

Using the latest research and experienced data processors SAND Geophysics can increase the information available from a single survey, providing novel solutions for complex and challenging marine near-surface problems. Contact us with your project requirements for more details.