SAND Geophysics

Fully trained & experienced personnel

Meet the new generation of geophysicists at SAND. Our team studied a variety of Earth Science degrees with each member able to offer a unique set of skills and experiences to complement one another.

Bedanta Goswami

Studied Physics at the University of Delhi, India before moving to the University of Southampton, UK, where he completed MSc in Oceanography in 2006. He obtained a PhD in marine Geophysics from the University of Southampton in 2016, where he integrated marine electromagnetic (CSEM) and high-resolution seismic data for gas hydrate quantification within shallow marine Arctic sediments. Prior to his PhD, he gained a wide range of experience in acquisition, processing, managing & supporting seismic exploration projects in production and R&D roles at Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS). He worked in projects in the North Sea, West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico for various oil and gas clients including Total, Exxon, BP and Shell. Prior to joining SAND in May 2020, he worked as a Data Scientist and Catastrophe Risk Modeler in the financial industry, where he developed and applied models using machine learning and traditional methods for commercial insight and risk management.

Michael Dougal
After completing a BSc. (Hons) in Environmental Science, Mick went on to complete a MSc. in Hydrography at the University of Plymouth. After spending 10 years in the industry in a variety of survey roles, including: UXO, cable lay, dredging and inspection, he joined SAND as a full-time member in January of 2020.
Francois Blin

Studied Geology at the University of Southampton (2017) and subsequently completed an MSc in Petroleum Geoscience at Imperial College London (2018). Francois later joined the SAND Geophysics team in April 2019 as a Geophysicist. Much of his experience to date has been in the understanding of geological process and the interpretation of seismic data. His passion for the outdoors has drawn him into a career where both geology and marine surveying are intertwined.

Thomas Darnell
Studied Geophysics at the University of Southampton, before joining SAND in September 2018. At SAND, Thomas has gained field experience in marine UXO surveying and processing, shallow water multi-channel seismic reflection and 3D Chirp survey operations. In addition to nearshore surveying, Thomas is involved in a wide range of office-based geophysical data processing and interpretation; specialising in computational methods within geophysics and working on research & development projects using Python programming for in-house software and machine learning applications.

Ben Owen

Studied Geophysics at the University of Southampton, before joining SAND in July 2017. Ben has gained experience in both nearshore mobilisation and field operations as well as onshore data processing with a variety of datasets including side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler and multi-channel seismic reflection. In the office, Ben takes a lead role in geophysical interpretation, producing both final deliverables and reports for the end client.

Penda Sisopha

Studied geology and applied geophysics at the University of Melbourne, Australia where she studied the application of land-based geophysical survey for energy resources exploration and deep-crustal modelling. Before joining SAND in 2019, Penda worked on environmental remediation project where she specialised in processing time-domain electromagnetic for land-based UXO survey. At SAND, Penda has gained experience in both field operations and data processing for marine UXO survey’s.