SAND Geophysics

Fully trained & experienced personnel

Meet the team behind SAND Geophysics. Our team studied a variety of Earth Science and Engineering related degrees, with each member able to offer a unique set of skills and experiences to complement one another.

Ben Owen

Studied Geophysics at the University of Southampton, before joining SAND in July 2017. Ben has gained experience in both nearshore mobilisation and field operations as well as onshore data processing with a variety of datasets including side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler and multi-channel seismic reflection. In the office, Ben takes a lead role in geophysical interpretation, producing both final deliverables and reports for the end client.

Callum Clay

Studied Environmental Geophysics with a Year in Industry where he gained experience with multi-sensor marine geophysical surveys across a variety of industry sectors. Following the completion of his BSc, Callum worked offshore as a QC geophysicist within marine renewables before moving to the University of Aberdeen where he completed an MSc in Geophysics in 2017. He obtained a PhD in marine Geophysics from the University of Southampton in 2022, with a focus on accurately defining acquisition geometries during processing workflows for qualitative and quantitative seismic imagery as well as the analysis of imaging strategies in both time and depth domains to reduce the uncertainties in the estimation of physical properties from Ultra-high frequency seismic data. Callum joined SAND in February 2022.

Callum Fry

Studied Geophysics at the University of Southampton, completing his Msci in 2015. He obtained a PhD in marine Geophysics from the University of Southampton in 2019, where he used a combination of multibeam bathymetry, 2D high resolution seismic, 3D seismic and the 3D Chirp to identify structures and fault networks within polygonal fault systems in the North Sea. After completing this he worked for Fugro GBML gaining further experience in acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysical datasets including SBP, magnetic and sidescan data on a range of projects in the renewables sector.

Joining SAND in 2021, Callum splits his time between between working on wide range of office-based geophysical data processing and interpretation.

Jenny Higgins

Originally studied History at the University of Southampton. Soon after finishing university, decided to pursue a career in accountancy, completing the AAT at Kaplan Financial Southampton. Enjoyed working in practice for several years, undertaking both accounts and audit work. Moved into industry to work as a management accountant, before setting up a small practice in 2011. Joined SAND in 2021 to look after the financial and administration side of the company.

Katy Jewell

Studied BSc Geophysics at the University of Southampton, before joining SAND as a graduate in August 2022. Katy has had involvement in terrestrial geophysics as well as high-resolution seismic and sub-bottom profiler processing. She is excited to gain further experience in marine geophysical surveying, both onshore and offshore at SAND.

Niveditha Poolla

Studied Geophysics at the University of Southampton, studying rock magnetic studies on the south coast of England, before joining SAND in September 2022. She is very excited to begin a career in marine geophysical surveying work.

Penda Sisopha

Studied geology and applied geophysics at the University of Melbourne, Australia where she studied the application of land-based geophysical survey for energy resources exploration and deep-crustal modelling. Before joining SAND in 2019, Penda worked on environmental remediation projects, where she specialised in processing time-domain electromagnetic for land-based UXO survey. At SAND, Penda has gained experience in both field operations and data processing for marine UXO survey’s.

Thomas Chamberlain

Studied Geophysics at the University of Southampton (2011). His career has seen him work in terrestrial geophysics at RSK, specialist UXO survey and processing with BACTEC (Safelane Global) and in a wide range of marine environments with Fugro GBML. In addition to his more general geophysical experience, Thomas’ specialist knowledge in UXO survey and processing has seen him working and training others throughout the UK and Europe, as well as in the USA and Asia. In his role as Processing Manager, Thomas is responsible for data processing, interpretation and reporting, liaising with clients to provide solutions that best fit their needs.