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Join a team dedicated to providing cutting edge survey and consultancy. We specialise in high resolution seismic, sidecan and magnetometer surveys. We also provide personnel for offshore acquisition, processing, interpretation and reporting.

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If you believe you have the experience, skills and ambition to work for SAND Geophysics, please e-mail your CV and covering letter to:

Position: Geophysicist/Senior Geophysicist

SAND Geophysics are seeking geophysicists with experience in shallow high resolution geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation. 

The ideal candidate will be experienced with Sidescan Sonar, Magnetometer and sub-bottom data, as well as confident in managing deadlines and deliverables. The role will include involvement in all aspects of our project lifecycles from planning, design & tendering through to results delivery and for the right applicants there are a range of career development opportunities.

To apply please send a CV and cover letter to recruitment

Please include details of your experience with: 

  • Sidescan sonar processing & interpretation
  • Magnetometer processing & Interpretation
  • Sub-bottom profiler interpretation

Position: Engineering Apprentice

The team at SAND Geophysics have a unique and interesting engineering apprenticeship opportunity.

We are looking for an engineering apprentice interested in electrical, electronic, computer  and mechanical systems. These are integrated for land and marine exploration – think Mars rover on earth! You will be learning and developing the skills to maintain, repair and develop these survey systems.

Our systems are made up of mini computers, networking elements, power supplies, GPS positioning, G force motion sensors, drones, software apps, underwater sonar systems and unmanned autonomous vessels.

You will be working alongside our engineering specialist learning through a hands on approach with practical experience and through part time studies at a local college / university.

As you gain experience there will be opportunities to travel with our teams to gain on site experience where we work globally.

Your journey through our apprenticeship scheme will guide you to become an independent
multi-disciplined engineering expert.

Position: Freelancers

SAND Geophysics are always seeking experienced and competent freelancers with experience in the following areas:

  • Shallow high resolution seismic acquisition and processing.
  • Magnetometer acquisition and processing.
  • Hydrographic surveying.
  • Small vessel mobilisations.